About Us
Corporate culture
Power the future with science and technology, provide inexhaustible power for the world

Wolong takes technology as the driving force, high-quality products as the pursuit and service as the concept, and is committed to bring green, energy-saving and efficient power to everywhere of the world to make better life for all the people.

No.1 in the global motor industry

To achieve the great enterprise dream, Wolong adheres to the corporate culture of "Integrity, harmony, creativity ", focuses on the development of the global motor industry, and strives to become No.1 in the global motor industry

No.1 is pursuit for all industries and fields, not only for turnover and achievement, but also for capability for R&D and management level.

Core Value
Integrity, harmony, creativity

“Integrity, harmony, creativity”, It is the foundation of Wolong people's self-confidence and self-improvement, the spiritual force of Wolong people to strive for strength, the inexhaustible driving force of Wolong people's innovation and creation, and the lifeblood of Wolong's survival and development.

Integrity----Honesty, sincerity
Harmony---- Harmony, affinity
Creativity----Innovation, creation